Đại Hội Thanh Thiếu Niên Cao Đài Thế Giới Kỳ V

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Đại-Đạo Tam-Kỳ Phổ-Độ

Third Universal Amnesty of God

(Bát Thập Ngũ Niên – 85th year)

 Tòa-Thánh Tây-Ninh * Tây-Ninh Holy See

Thánh-Thất Cao-Đài California
Cao-Dai Temple of California

Đại-Đạo Thanh-Niên Hội Hải-Ngoại
International Cao-Dai Youth Association



June 9, 2010

Dear Mr. / Mrs. / Ms.

The International Cao-Dai Youth Association would like to invite you to the Opening Ceremony of the 5th International Cao-Dai Youth Conference to be held at:

Location: Thánh-Thất Cao-Ðài California
Address: 8791 Orangewood Ave., Garden Grove, CA 92841
Date: Saturday, July 3rd, 2010 at 10:00 AM
Phone: Ms. Ta (714) 230-9610 or Mr. Ngo (714) 487-9764

Caodaism is a universal religion founded in Vietnam in 1926 with over 12 million members worldwide. Caodaism combines the fundamental teachings of all religions. Caodaism, in harmony with all religions, confirms the existence of God, our souls, and the spiritual world. Caodaism offers a clear, step-by-step path that leads us to a spiritual completeness.

The International Caodai Youth Association is an organization of young believers who value the Cao-Dai teachings. The Caodai Youth slogan is “Bão-Sanh, Nhân-Nghĩa, Công-Bằng“, which means the protection of “Life, Humanity, and Justice”. Every two years, many Cao-Dai Youth Associations around the world gather at the International Cao-Dai Youth Conference to fulfill the core objectives:

Preserve and promote Caodai Youth Association: Building a strong relationship among Caodai youths and to spread the view of world peace through the understanding that all of us are Brothers and Sisters in our Universal Family.

Delivering Charitable Cause: Working together on various projects that are beneficial to Caodaism and Humanity.

Your presence is an honor for us and will make valuable contributions to the success of this conference, which will enable us to continue our efforts of promoting peace and harmony to all walks of life regardless of race and origin.

May God be with you and may He bless your family with good health, peace of mind, and wisdom on your life journey.


Mr. Duc Ngo
Chairman – 5th Conference Committee
President – International Cao-Dai Youth Association

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