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pphtThe Breath and Its Control

Since the beginning of the current industrial era, mankind has affected their lives, the environment and Mother Nature more negatively than positively. Our relations among one another, the world’s climates, the atmosphere and conditions of living have all been jeopardized by these changes. The harmonious relationship between humans and nature has yielded to more chaos and conflicts. The economy progressively became unstable, and life grew more and more difficult. This broken relationship has taken place over decades and has contributed to wars, terrorism, global warming, tsunamis, and other severe natural disasters. There is an urgent need to end all this suffering or the human species will be faced with many challenges to their survival.

One way to help mankind escape from all this suffering and problems is to practice Conscious Breathing. Through daily practice of meditation, mankind can be elevated to higher realms. Meditation was the common and accepted practice among monasteries and in hidden esoteric traditions. The knowledge and power of this method were then deliberately kept from the people and retained by a few to exert control over the masses.

In recent years, the practice of breathing, or meditation, has become more popular. Numerous studies of the benefits on health and vitality have been published. More and more people are convinced of these methods and promote the techniques widely. Thus, there is hope for mankind to achieve peace and harmony on this planet.

Thousands of years ago, many spiritual geniuses and saints have attained this state, e.g. the Buddha, Christ, Mohammed, Lao Tzu, etc… Nowadays, all mankind, from laymen to scientists, from learned savants to tribal persons, regardless of race, creed or color, all have learned from these spiritual teachers and can attain enlightenment through their own effort to practice meditation. Those who have seen the results of this method of re-establishing the interconnecting relationship have called it miraculous.

To better understand this mysterious energy, we begin with the concept on human energy, the mystic interconnecting tie between mankind and the cosmos. Some might sense this energy as an Intuitive Insight, or the Conscious Light, brighter than one can imagine. Others may recognize it as some Divine Melody or the Still Small Voice within. The majority may experience it as a sensation of warmth, a comforting heat penetrating every part of the body. Few others may feel conscious of a mild vibration throughout the body. These are among the various ways one can feel and experience while practicing Conscious Breathing.

At birth, the first breath of life is our direct supply of energy. Our life is in tune with the universal power (universal energy, universal intelligence, the power of God)—an energy that fills all spaces in the universe, and we fully interact with this energy all the time. Structurally, the universe if viewed as a macrocosm, and the human body is a microcosm. The building blocks of our body and the universe are the atoms. Therefore, there is a link between our body and the universe. This would mean that every thought or action coming from us creates a vibration, or electrical field. This energy interacts and affects all things in the universe. Oriental medicine theory indicates that our body’s suffering of ailments are due to blockages of the flow of this energy. As long as this energy is established and flows without blockages, we are in tune with the universal supply of life. When we are relaxed and can control our breath to have rhythmic and deep breathing as we did when we were children we create a harmonious and relaxing vibration, our magnetic field body is able to maintain ample contact with this infinite energy to become the Whole. It means that we are totally harmonized with the Whole, and that when our body reaches the most relaxed state, our mind is totally quiet. At this level the universal energy or the power of God can no longer be separated from us.

To understand more on this theory, one needs to be familiar with the concept of Yin and Yang, the two opposing forces that are bound together and interdependent on each other in nature. Yin and Yang are considered to be created together in a single movement and are bound together as parts of a mutual whole. Yin and Yang transform each other; every advance is complemented by a retreat, and every rise transforms into a fall. All things in nature exist within the Yin-Yang balance. Unusual phenomenon like disease and thunderstorms are considered to arise when there is an imbalance between Yin and Yang. Understand and gaining control of human Yin and Yang forces are critical in maintaining good health. Qi, the vital energy of life, moves with the level of strength depending upon the degree of polarity between the Yin and Yang. In breathing, inhaling is Yin and exhaling is Yang. In regular and rhythmic breathing, the duration of each inhalation and exhalation should be equal. If one can control the breath and make it regular and rhythmic, one’s body’s Yin and Yang are balanced, then one’s body is in tune with the energy of the Universe.

The energy in the universe is infinite, as it is in our body. The most powerful energy activated in our body is in the brain and the abdomen. In the lower abdomen, the pelvis is an intricate system forming the magnetic field, the grouping together of the main trunk nerves and their branches and relay systems extending throughout the entire body. The lungs draw the energy in but the magnetic field must draw the energy from the lungs in order to radiate it through the body.

The sensation that a person feels such as light, sound, or heat, etc. depends on how she/he is connected to the universal energy or what level she/he is being harmonized with nature. The level of heat that a person feels is the amount of human energy. The human energy current is similar to any electrical current and frequency. The person must keep energizing the nerves all the time because the nerves conduct the energy smoothly and evenly.

With the first breath a baby takes, it comes alive and every breath thereafter establish a more harmonious relationship with the universal energy or the power of God. During the first few years of the child’s life, the child breathes very deeply and rhythmically by using its diaphragm while expanding and contracting its abdomen. It is this type of breathing that allows the head and the neck of a child to relax. When a person breathes deeply, he or she draws enough energy from the lungs. This is how a human exchanges energy with the universe and harmonizes with its energy. With the energy going through the so-called nerve wires, the lower abdominal muscles expand and contract rhythmically with breathing. The air passage feels open all the way down to the bottom. The magnetic field is conducting the incoming electric or energy current, and distributing it through the body to maintain body heat.

Our bodies are complete universes. We have the ability to conduct and control ourselves independently of man-made requirements or restrictions. The key to life and living is the flow of energy. Conduction of the human electric current governs its function and heals or prevents its ailments.

On The Sacred Breath

Our parents created us. They bestowed on us one of the most precious treasures encoded with the innermost secrets of the universe. When Yin, the mother’s egg, and Yang, the father’s sperm, united, the embryo used this encoded information to grow and develop further within the womb of the mother. The embryo receives the energy from the love of the mother. This energy helps the embryo to grow into full maturity and finally gives birth to it. At the time of birth came the First Breath, the connecting bridge between the parental treasure and God’s Divine Energy.

The breath is life. It is an invisible thread; a link which connects us with the Spirit of God whose power is infinite within our body, thus enabling us to maintain a harmonious relationship between our bodies and the universe. However, this invisible energy (the Earlier Heaven Qi) is not sufficient for sustaining life. We also need another kind of visible energy, more specifically, foods (the Later Heaven Qi). These sources are transforming to our body as Yang and Yin energy in order to maintain life.

During our childhood, life was simple, and our breath was regular and rhythmic, naturally. In our adulthood, life gets complicated, stressful and full of pressure. Our breath becomes shorter and irregular. Our health and vitality deteriorate.

Fortunately, God has given us the power to have dominion over this complex machine. With the breath, one can restore one’s childhood habit of breathing naturally and rhythmically. By doing so, one does not waste energy to restore the breathing pattern as previously programmed during one’s childhood. It is this breath that maintains the connection between our body and the universe. We were granted this privilege to take charge of our health, vitality and thus maintaining harmony in our life within the universe.

In order to return to the state of being child-like and restoring our regular and rhythmic breathing, we just need to replicate what we have gone through in our early years. On top of that, we need to apply the technique of opening and closing the Gate of Life (the bridge, the anus muscle) at various proper timings to harmonize the Yin and Yang energy within the body to activate the Divine Power within our body. Having learned to do that, we would enable ourselves to restore health and vitality to their optimal level. Once achieved, one’s own mind would become quiet. Our spirit and life force within will be united. We would then become one with the universe.

A Method of Breathing

The wisdom of the following method was revealed to a group of youth in 1974 during several sessions (sometimes lasting more than eight months) of automatic writings but its application and growth came about through experiments and experience in the past three decades. Numerous discussions, arguments and bewilderment went into what is culminated herein. The accomplishment of restored health and vitality using this method of breathing is now available to whoever has affinity toward it.

This Method of Breathing can be summarized as follows: simply breathe in and breathe out, gently, with the duration of the breath equal to one’s own wavelength (as much air as one can fill the lungs with). The breath has to be deep and rhythmic; while breathing, one needs to tighten, and then loosen the anus muscle (close, then open the Gate of Life) at the appropriate timings of the day.

On The Practice of This Method

Sitting is the best position to practice breathing. However, if for any reason such as old age, etc. that sitting position is not comfortable, lying down would be better. The relaxation of the body and mind is of utmost importance for ease of blood circulation and the unification of spirit (shen) and breath (qi) for an effective controlling of the breath.

It is preferred to sit in a chair or on a bed, rather than the floor, to easily activate the Vital Force. When sitting in a chair, only sit on the third front of the sitting area—that means the two buttocks barely and adequately pressed upon the forward part of the sitting area of the chair. This would mean that when fully seated, the abdominal plane can be traced vertically downward to the floor and not meeting the edge of the sitting area. This position is the best to facilitate the closing and opening of the Gate of Life (the anus muscle) while practicing breathing.

For best results, it is advisable to choose a chair with such height that when sitting down, the thighs are parallel to the surface of the ground. If the chair is too low, use extra padding to achieve such desired height; if too high, use extra pads at the legs of the chair to lift it up to desired height. The important thing to remember is during the entire breathing exercise, the whole body needs to be in a relaxed state for the blood and qi to flow with ease. If for any reason, one has difficulty getting up after sitting down to practice breathing, one’s health can be harmed. Practicing meditation or controlling the breath is the art of relaxation of body and mind and regulating of blood and qi in order to harmonize the Vital Force, thus enhancing the relation of man and the universe whereby any blockages of Spirit (shen) and Breath (qi) would not be helpful. If these blockages prolong for some time, health would deteriorate. This is of utmost importance and is often omitted or neglected to mention. Please take note of this.


Relaxing the body is necessary for an effectual practice of controlling the breath. It is easy for the blood to circulate while the body relaxes, the mind is stress-free, and therefore, the spirit (shen) and breath (qi) harmonize. When the blood and qi circulate throughout the entire body without encountering any blockages, then our health is optimal. When the mind is clear then we can easily control the breath in order to connect the breath and nature, thus enabling the ability to effectually absorb the universal energy. Finally, when spirit and qi harmonize then the mystical power of the vital force can combine with universal energy to yield a body with vitality and a mind with clarity.

Method to relax No. 1: After sitting down as above described, eyes looking straight ahead, slowly turn to look on to the right, shoulder turned a little more than 90 degrees clockwise (this angle of turning should be easy, not forceful). Then turn the body counterclockwise to the starting position. Now turn toward the opposite direction, in the same fashion as before, except this time, counterclockwise. This completes one cycle. Repeat three to four times.

Method to relax No. 2: After completing No. 1, sit up straight as described, eyes looking straight ahead, then slowly bend down until fully stretched. Slowly lift up yourself, head tilting toward the back with stomach pushed forward until fully stretched. Lift up your head and return to the starting position. This completes one cycle. Repeat this three to four times.

Method to relax No. 3: After completing No. 2, sit up straight as described, turn your face toward your right approximately 90 degrees (shoulder only turns 25-50 degrees; remember to turn shoulder without forcing). Bend your upper body down until fully stretched, then slowly lift up your head and return to the starting position. Next, turn toward your left and do the same as the other side. This completes one cycle. Repeat this three to four times.

Method to relax No. 4: After completing No. 3, sit up straight as described, eyes looking straight ahead, lift up both shoulders and your head until shoulders are at the same level as your ears, then drop slowly. When lifting up your shoulders, both arms are also lifted up and following with the shoulders. This movement is done a bit faster than the others. Do this three to four times.

Method to relax No. 5: After completing No. 4, sit up straight as described, eyes looking straight ahead, look up toward the ceiling (head tilted toward your back at approximately 50-60 degrees, non forcing). Turn your head toward your right and lower your head forward while turning so that the chin can touch the chest when approaching the middle position. From this point, continue to turn toward your left while lifting your head slowly for it to drop toward your back. Return to the middle position (at this time, the head is tilted back approximately 50-60 degrees). This completes one entire cycle. This turning is continuous, gentle and slow and is done so that the nose is drawing a circle of the size of a soup bowl. That would be a correct movement. Do this three to four cycles. If time so allows, turn toward the opposite direction three or more times, the more relaxation can be achieved.

Important Notes:

These methods of relaxation should be done prior to any practice of breathing. After performing these relaxation exercises, the body is relaxed, the mind is stress-free, and one can proceed to practice breathing. The relaxation exercises do not have to be performed in any particular order. The order can be changed or modified so that they can accommodate one’s needs and achieved better relaxation.

For those whose daily activities involve lots of movements in the arms, legs, and total body would not need to perform these relaxation exercises. One can select a few exercises to relax those parts of the body that were least moved during the day. Those who move about quite often during day with body always relaxed only need to take four to five long, deep breaths to relax the mind. Those who work in the office or in jobs that involve the least body movement are recommended to practice the relaxation exercises whenever time allows. Walking, swimming, physical exercises, or taiji, are highly beneficial to those whose jobs involve the least body movement.


After performing the relaxation exercises as above described, return to a normal sitting posture (with columnar lumbar slightly bent). At this time, lift up both shoulders and head about 5 cm to 7 cm. This is done so that the spinal column and neck bone can relax as above explained. One’s eyes need to close approximately 90% (slightly open, not able to clearly see things around you) during the period of practicing breathing. Head is slightly leaned forward so that the eyes can only see the thigh region.

While practicing, it is preferred to select a quiet place with plenty of fresh air where no one is around. Loud noises and sudden noises from external sources should not be present. It is beneficial to sit in front of an altar with the statue of the Buddha, the Christ or pictures of departed ancestors to invoke more Divine assistance. Choose a fixed place and a fixed practice time to bring better results. Wear loose fitting clothes. Always practice with an empty stomach (at least two hours after meals).

Always remember to close the Upper Gate of Life (Thuong Thuoc Kieu) by touching the tongue to the upper palate, lips closed, and bottom and top front teeth touching each other. When Upper Gate of Life is closed, saliva will slowly secrete. Wait until the mouth is filled with saliva, then it can be swallowed down. Saliva secreted while practicing is called by the meditation practitioners New Fluid (Tan Dich), Sacred Water (Than Thuy, Cam Lo, etc.) and is very beneficial to one’s bodily health and vitality. When swallowing the saliva, do it fast and with a slurp in order to achieve more effects. Note: Those who are older or have challenging health issues need to consult with their doctors before practicing this method of breathing.


Midnight exercise: Between 11 pm and 1 am

Noon exercise: Between 11 am and 1 pm

Morning exercise: Between 5 am and 7 am

Evening exercise: Between 5 pm and 7 pm

The duration of each session of practice should last from 20 minutes to 40 minutes. One gets to choose one’s duration of practice that is appropriate to one’s lifestyle, activities and health. Once getting used to one’s set duration, extending it to one hour would be ideal.

The duration of each hour of practice is the same throughout all hours. However, each hour at which practice is done and the time to open and close the Gate of Life differs from one another. The important thing to remember is the Breath has to be long, deep, gentle and rhythmic for the entire duration in order for the practice to be effective. If attention were not directed toward controlling the breath to be long, rhythmic, regular and the closing and opening of the Gate of Life at the proper timing during the entire cycle of breathing, then the mind would become restless, the breath will be disrupted, then no results can be achieved.

The closing of the Gate of Life at the proper timings connect the Ren and the Du meridians, harmonize Yin and Yang, bring the Vital Force back to the Source, and unite Later Heaven with Earlier Heaven. When inhaling, the vital breath moves downward the Ren meridian along the frontal body in the abdominal region. When exhaling, the vital breath moves upward the Du meridian, in the back of the body, along the spinal column. While practicing it is important to concentrate on the rhythm of the breath and the opening and closing of the Gate of Life must be done at the right timings in order for Yin and Yang to harmonize and for the Spirit and the Qi united. This is the key to this method of breathing.


Our body harmonizes and has closed relations with the Universe. Depending on the hours, this connection tends to have some deviations. In order to achieve better results, the timing for the closing or opening of the Gate of Life on the Morning, Evening, and Midnight exercises differs from one another. The opening and closing (“Ha Thuoc Kieu”) has to synchronize with the breath and precisely on the hours. These two important factors need to be kept in mind while practicing so that the absorption of the Universal Energy (Universal Intelligence, Spirit of God, etc.) can be effective, and the technique for applying the Vital Force is essential to improve bodily and mental health.

The human body changes accordingly with nature. This is why practicing breathing at the Morning, Noon, Evening and Midnight hours will be most auspicious. In order to achieve higher results at the Midnight practice, it is best to retire at 8–9 pm in order to wake up at the hour of the Rat, and then wake up again at the hour of the Cat, thus enabling one to achieve best results.

In the case of having to work late hours and going to bed at midnight, the Midnight practice can be omitted. One only needs to practice at the Morning, Noon and Evening. If one must go to the bed late, or at midnight often, the practice of the Evening can be used as a substitute before retiring. This changing of the hours is necessary because if one needs to stay up until midnight and still tries to practice the method at the Midnight breathing, then the effect will be nullified. Please communicate with us for any questions or concerns.


Morning exercise:

Upon rising out of bed and after practicing the relaxation exercises, begin to inhale slowly and gently. After taking the breath in at about half of the volume capacity of the lungs (about half of the duration of a in-breathing cycle) then tuck in your stomach and contract the anus muscle. With stomach still tucked in, anus remains contracted, continue inhaling until the air fills up the abdomen, then slowly let go of the air until reaching halfway of the out-breathing cycle and release the anus muscle and continue exhaling until all of the air is discharged from the lungs. This completes one cycle of breathing. Repeat the above procedure for the entire duration of the practice.

When inhaling in the morning, be cheerful in welcoming the Universal Energy to nourish body and mind. When exhaling, radiate out the Light to dissolve all blockages in all beings.

Noon exercise:

On the noon exercise, one simply breathes normally, gently, with long breaths, deeply and rhythmically to elevate the energy of the body, which relaxes both body and mind. While breathing, concentrate in directing the in and out breath in order to harmonize the mind and improve the energy level of the body. Quiet your mind, and in order to feel the subtle sacredness of the Spirit of God, one can use the chanting of the name of the Buddha or Christ, etc. When chanting a mantra, keep it in sync with the rhythm of the breath for the whole duration of the practice in order to achieve better results.

Evening exercise:

In the evening, before retiring to bed, at the beginning of the breathing in cycle, contract the anus muscle, tuck in your stomach and continue inhaling. Continue taking in the breath while the anus is still contracted until oxygen fills up the lungs’ capacity. At the start of the breathing out cycle, release the anus muscle to return to normal. Breathe out slowly until all the oxygen is discharged (do this naturally until all of the air is out until you feel the need to take air in again). Repeat the next cycles for the entire duration of the practice. Practices makes perfect and yields the best results.

When practicing during the hour of the Rooster, on breathing in, feel the Universal Energy pouring down to nourish the entire body and to dissolve all blockages and adjust all misalignments. On breathing out, feel the Light that we receive to harmonize and purify the whole body is also the same Light spreading to all beings to liberate them from all karmic forces.

Midnight exercise:

During Midnight Breathing, gently breathe in at the same duration as the other hours of practice. Breathe in until the lungs are filled to full capacity. At the start of breathing out, tuck in your stomach, contract the anus muscle and keep it contracted until the end of the breathing out cycle is reached, then release the muscle. Upon completing one breathing in and one breathing out cycle, repeat the same for the whole duration of the practice. Breathing needs to be smooth, gentle, deep, rhythmic and regular for the whole duration.

When breathing in, feel the welcoming of the Gods descending to have conversations with us. On breathing out, spread the Three Great Treasures blessed with our practices and offered to the Gods and direct them to the Heavenly Crown (at the center of our cranial chamber, Pineal gland area) and to have conversations with us so we can download high and important information to be of greater service to mankind.

The subject of our conversations with the Divine must be totally selfless, for the advancement of the race, for the benefit of others, renouncing all self-gain, self-praise and self-fame. If one still lingers on with the intent of self-gain or for selfish ends, then good results won’t be reaped and difficulties will be encountered. One needs to pay special attention to this detail. (When the mind is capable of quieting down, then one can communicate with the Gods. They will impart to us miraculous powers to liberate mankind. This is because we are destined to help mankind and the Gods since being quite remote in their closeness to mankind, found it hard to directly help mankind. In the Era of the Spirit, mankind can assume the task of the Great Way and is advised to practice diligently in order to receive assistance from the Divine or otherwise would encounter difficulties. Only practice can make one comprehend God’s justice. Human logic has its limitations. To become the Whole (Gods) is not easy but not totally impossible. It all depends on our effort. The ultimate privilege to become enlightened or unite with God is entirely up to us.)


1) People from all walks of life and of all age groups can practice the above method and benefit from it. When practicing, only pay attention to the breath and do not think of anything else. Practicing breathing as described above while the body relaxes is more beneficial than doing other physical exercises. This method relaxes both body and mind, conserves energy, and receives energy from the universe so that the body will become strong, the mind relaxed and the spirit clear. Youth groups can see noticeable results after a week of practice. Age groups between 15-25 will notice results after one or two weeks. The age group 25-40, married, depending on lifestyle, will see improvement in energy, mental clarity after 3-5 weeks of regular practice. Higher age groups, results vary depend upon the discipline of practice. If practicing all four hours is not practical and in order to achieve more noticeable results, one needs to practice at least two hours (Morning and Evening are best for the body) on average and for 30 minutes each, morning and evening.

2) Those who want to elevate their practice to the higher level to pursue the liberating path needs to solemnly promise to themselves, with their own consciences (Buddha is within the Heart; Our Heart is the temple of God) that they should always adhere to the principles of morality and virtue; that all of their doings in life should be done for the spiritual evolution and for the ideal of promoting Truth, Goodness and Beauty. All gains for self and family must be limited; be of service to all, friends and acquaintances alike, not distinguishing any difference between self and others, no frontiers, all are brothers and came from the same parent. With such sacred determination and with one-pointed mind to practice this Method of Breathing, blessings from the Divine will be received and signs will show to strengthen our faith in order to attain enlightenment.

Those who aspire to attain spiritual liberation, escape from the wheel of birth and death and do not think they have enough determination to promote Truth, Goodness and Beauty, not having enough energy to dedicate themselves to practice for liberating from the wheel of birth and death, and lacking the morality and virtue would have difficulty in life because of the operations of laws of causation and karma.

Those who think they are not ready to go on the path of dedication as described above can just practice the Method of Breathing to achieve good health and mental clarity. While practicing, one needs to quiet the mind and breath according to the above method. When breathing in, know that we are bringing in the Universal Energy to support and nourish the body for good health and mental clarity. When breathing out, know that we have received the energy from the Universe to dissolve all blockages and to purify our body and mind, so beneficial to good health and a clear mind. At the same time, feel the same mystical energy radiating out to help dissolving blockages in all beings.

On a higher level, for those who choose to walk the spiritual liberation path and to attain enlightenment as previously mentioned, the basic steps need to be practiced. The breathing exercises do not differ much from regular practices. The important thing to remember is those who chose to walk the liberation path need to state the intent to promote Truth, Goodness and Beauty and must desire liberation. So long as one has the desire to liberate, the intent to promote Truth, Goodness and Beauty, is selfless, not attached to work results, not wanting name or fame, then the automatic feeling will come, will receive the divine assistance from the Deity and will be frequently visited by God (communication) in order to receive precise instructions on what to do. Depending on goals and intent, so will the feeling be. In God, there is justice. What you sow, so shall you reap. When a feeling is sent out, then a response will come. For every action, there is a reaction. When there is a cause, then an effect will come. This is a fixed law in the Universe and simply that. The Gods showed us the way to liberation and to return to our own Self (the Divine within, to that precious treasure given to us from the beginning by our parents). The Gods will not carry us to Heaven, not for our pity’s sake. We need to do it ourselves.


Breathing is a way to receive the invisible Universal Energy to sustain and maintain health and vitality of the body and mind. Nutrition receives the visible Universal Energy via foods to make our body strong. All things from the universe, visible or invisible, from one Source, descended from the same Stock, and governed by the same Law, thus are interconnected and only differ in form. However, within the visible, there is the invisible; within Matter, there is Spirit. If we do not absorb both the invisible Universal Energy and the visible Energy necessary, we will not have a clear mind, and this body will not be able to survive.

It is often said, “We are what we eat.” We depend on the kind of food we can absorb, which provides the energy so essential for bodily health and mental clarity. We need to select the appropriate kinds of food that the body needs, and we need to respect life, in accordance with the law of justice of the Great Creator, then our bodies will be strong and our minds will be clear. Those who seek enlightenment need to understand the interdependence of all things in order to survive. Our daily foods need to be selected to support a spiritual lifestyle, but not at the expenses of the lives of other beings.

Nhat Tinh and Le Vinh Tuan, PhD.


If you have any questions or for further information, don’t hesitate to email to: phuongphaphittho@yahoo.com


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    By: William Collinge, Ph.D. (06/22/99)

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